New content, systems changes, and the Blade & Ghoul event return in the October 18 update.


The Rage of the Hive Queen update arrives October 18, and brings new story and progression content, the return of the Blade & Ghoul in-game event—including the Merchant of Wonders—and more! Get a quick overview of the update in our original announcement.

Systems Changes

The Rage of the Hive Queen update includes a number of important systems changes; most notably a large expansion of the gem system, as well as new alternate weapon upgrade paths, among others.

While the patch notes below provide the technical details, you’ll want to read our systems changes article for additional context.

Blade & Ghoul 2017 Featuring the Merchant of Wonders

It’s that time once again! This year the Blade & Ghoul event includes the return of the Merchant of Wonders, new rewards from weekly and daily challenges, and some powerful candy treats.

Get all the details in our Blade & Ghoul 2017 overview

Rosethorn Chest

While not directly related to the Rage of the Hive Queen update, don’t forget that the Rosethorn Chest is available for a limited time, and offers a chance at ton of older costumes you may have missed out on, as well as the brand new Rosethorn set—with matching weapons, accessories, and a pet!

Get the details on how it works in our Rosethorn Chest announcement.


Rage of the Hive Queen 3.5 Patch Notes


  • The Blade and Ghoul event featuring the Merchant of Wonders is now available from October 18 through November 8.
    • Complete the following dungeons for a chance for the new Merchant of Wonders to spawn:
      • Cold Storage
      • Sogun's Lament
      • The Shattered Masts
      • Ebondrake Citadel
      • Desolate Tomb
      • Naryu Foundry
      • Naryu Sanctum
      • Irontech Forge
      • Ebondrake Lair
    • The more recently a dungeon was released, the higher the chance for the Merchant of Wonders to spawn. The exception to this is Cold Storage which has the highest spawn rate.
    • Players can purchase one item from the Merchant of Wonders each time it spawns. Some of the items you can purchase include:
      • Cosmetics from certain Heroic Dungeons in Viridian Coast, Cinderlands, Moonwater Plains, and Silverfrost Mountains.
      • Sacred Oil
      • Divine Grace Stone
      • Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems
      • Raven King’s Soul
      • Blackstone
    • Complete the Daily Challenge to receive a Ghoulish Gift Box that contains 3 raid consumables (more info below) as well as a chance at valuable items, including but not limited to:
      • Sacred Oil
      • Transcendence Engine
      • Aransu Orb
      • Hive Queen’s Wings
    • Additionally, complete the following raid weekly quests to earn additional rewards:
      • Raven’s Cry - Raven King’s Special Treasure
      • Chasing Zulia - Hive Queen’s Special Treasure
    • Players can also obtain consumables that can only be used at Skybreak Spire, Temple of Eluvium, or Scion’s Keep from the Merchant of Wonders or Daily Challenge.



      Skull Candy

      Boss Attack Power +50, Critical Damage +10%

      Snack O’ Lantern

      Boss Defense +500, Threat +10%

      Flaming Jawbreaker

      Damage Reduction +15%

      • These consumables last for 10 minutes and have a 5 minute cooldown.
      • You can only have one of the effects active at a time. Using another one will overwrite your current buff.
      • Effects are removed upon death, zoning, or disconnecting.


  • The Hive Queen, the final boss encounter in Temple of Eluvium, is now available.
  • The Fallen Aransu School 12-member raid is now available.
  • You now receive 4 Solar Energy from the Daily Challenge Reward Chest when completing the Daily Challenge. Solar Energy can be exchanged in Dragon Express for items including:
    • Soul Badge Chests
    • Raven King's Soul
    • Hongmoon Pentagonal Gems
    • Special Hongmoon EXP Charm
    • Hongmoon Brilliant Key
  • The number of available quests in Weekly Challenge has been increased to 4, up from 3. You still need to complete 2 to receive the Weekly Challenge Reward.
  • Brilliant Soul Sealing Charms are now available from the Hongmoon Store and can be used on the following Souls to make them tradable:
    • Awakened Hongmoon Energy
    • True Hongmoon Energy
    • Awakened Ascending Soul
    • True Ascending Soul
    • Awakened Transcendent Soul - Stage 5
    • True Transcendent Soul
    • Awakened Cosmic Soul - Stage 5
    • True Cosmic Soul
  • Aransu Orbs, items used to upgrade Aransu Weapon and for crafting, are now available from Temple of Eluvium and Scion's Keep.
  • You can no longer exchange Yellow Hibiscus Extract, Glacial Water, or Silverfrost Quartz in Dragon Express.
  • You can no longer exchange Tower of Infinity Tokens or Yunsang Prayer Beads for Soul Badges in Dragon Express.

Celestial Basin

  • The amount of Heavenly Peaches needed to purchase Weapon Chests and Mystic Badges from Celestial Peach Exchanger Lee Youjin has been reduced.
    • Mystic Badges are no longer available from Dragon Express.
  • Treasure Pouch and Hongmoon food items have been added to Celestial Peach Exchanger Lee Youjin.
  • Weapon upgrade materials and experience charms have been removed from Celestial Peach Exchanger Lee Youjin.
  • Aransu Orb and Celestial Basin Treasure Key Fragment can now drop from Celestial Basin Pouch.
  • The Naryu Tablet and Excellent Experience Charm rewards from the Celestial Basin Treasure Room have been replaced with Aransu Orb and Fortune Potion.


  • An alternate upgrade path has been added for Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stage 1-9 that uses Void Fragments instead of Heroic Weapon offerings.
  • Aransu Weapon Stage 1-6 is now available.
  • Upgrade paths and costs for Oath Necklace, Eternity Belt, Immortality Earring, Destiny Ring, Divine Dragon Bracelet, and Tiger Bracelet have been normalized.
  • Oath Necklace, Eternity Belt, Immortality Earring, Destiny Ring, Divine Dragon Bracelet, and Tiger Bracelet are now provided directly through drops or NPCs instead of the Draken Accessory.
  • Legendary Accessory Tokens can now be exchanged for Stage 1 of the corresponding accessory instead of the Draken accessory in Dragon Express.
  • Draken Accessories can no longer be upgraded. Instead, you can now exchange a Draken accessory and 10 gold for Stage 1 of the corresponding accessory in Dragon Express.
  • Reduced the cost to purchase Soul Badges for Tower of Infinity Tokens and Yunsang Prayer Beads. These items are no longer available through Dragon Express.
  • Reduced the achievement requirements to purchase Battleground Soul Shield - Chest 4 through 8 and Ivory Beluga Soul Shield - Chest 4 through 8.

Hongmoon Gems

  • Hongmoon Pentagonal Gems and higher can now be salvaged to receive varying amounts of Hongmoon Gem Fragment and Hongmoon Gem Powder.
  • 10 Hongmoon Gem Powder can be combined to create a Hongmoon Gem Fragment. Similarly, a Hongmoon Gem Fragment can be salvaged to receive 10 Hongmoon Gem Powder.
  • You can now purchase Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems for 4 Hongmoon Gem Powder in Dragon Express.
  • Transmuting Hongmoon Gems now requires varying amounts of Hongmoon Gem Fragment and Hongmoon Gem Powder based on the tier of gem with the exception of Obsidian Gems which now require Void Fragment and Soulstone Crystal.
  • Radiant Energy is no longer used and can be exchanged via the Antiques window for 10 Gold.
  • Mysterious Energy is no longer used and can be exchanged via the Antiques window for Solar Energy.

Hongmoon Secret Techniques

  • Reduced the amount of Whirlwind Token and Bravery Coin needed to purchase Hongmoon Secret Technique items from Battlefield Trader NPCs.
  • Reduced the amount of Training Certificate and Pugilist's Token needed to purchase Hongmoon Secret Technique items from Zen Bean Trader NPCs.
  • Hongmoon Secret Technique items are no longer available through Dragon Express.