The next epic expansion for Blade & Soul has arrived.


Secrets of the Stratus introduces new dungeons to challenge even the most well-seasoned martial artists. Will you delve deep into the Naryu Sanctum with a band of adventurers and discover its well-guarded secrets? Or climb to the highest heights of Mushin’s Tower, and seek fame and fortune alone?

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Item Changes

A number of item changes are being made in this update, including a revamp of the crafting and upgrade material system, a reduction to Legendary weapon upgrade costs, new weapon upgrade stages, new Legendary accessories, and the introduction of the Mystic Badge—a new skill-enhancing equipment slot.

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Systems Changes

The update brings some big changes to existing systems, as well as introducing some huge new ones. First and foremost class skill trees and skill points have been removed in favor of a more streamlined and intuitive system. There are also additional Hongmoon Levels, and the new Hongmoon Training Room, which lets you practice your skills in a solo environment and earn some rewards while you do.

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Celestial Basin

Descend into the Celestial Basin, an area near the newly revealed Gunwon City. Explore this long-forgotten jungle as you complete quests, collect Celestial Peaches (of course), and of course earn brand new and shiny rewards—including the new Mystic Badge equipment items.

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Candycloud Park

What happens when a rich old man throws a Four Guardians-themed birthday party for his daughter at an amusement park in the sky? It’s held hostage by two giant babies, of course! Ascend into the clouds, save this sweet girl’s party from these rotten toddlers, and serve them their just desserts.

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Store Updates

The Grand Phoenix Costume is a premium-tier costume blazing its way into Earthen Realm—for a limited time only! Included is all the individual pieces of the costume, a set of weapon skins, and matching Heroic, Awakened, and Ultimate pet appearances—all included! We’re also going to be giving away some of these costumes, so be sure to click through to enter the sweepstakes. Last but not least there are some big store UI and feature updates to share.

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Secrets of the Stratus 3.0 Patch Notes

Content & Events

  • Act 7 and Gunwon City are now available!
    • Complete Act 7 between April 12 and May 3 and receive the Secretkeeper outfit and adornments as a quest reward!
    • Moonwater Soul, Pet Aura, upgrade materials, and Flawless Hongmoon Sparkling Hexagonal gems are available through quest rewards from completing Act 7.
  • The Hongmoon Training Room is now available and can be accessed by pressing F12.
    • Learn and execute combos for the elemental specializations of your choice to earn rewards.
    • Practice your skills against any Heroic Dungeon or Raid bosses, with the option to spawn a Training Dummy to assist you.
  • The Candycloud Park event dungeon is now available from April 12 through May 3.
    • Level 50 characters can complete the dungeon once per day.  No resets are available.
    • Collect Cloud Tokens and redeem them in the Dragon Express for prizes including but not limited to:
      • Flawless Brilliant Hongmoon Heptagonal Peridot
      • Sacred Oil
      • Forging Orb
      • Ebondrake Wheel Adornment
      • Taikhan's Skin
      • Legendary Gem Hammer
      • Radiant Energy
      • Mysterious Crystal
    • You can also earn Cloud Tokens for completing the Daily Quests for the following dungeons:
      • Sogun's Lament
      • Gloomdross Incursion
      • The Shattered Masts
      • Desolate Tomb
      • Ebondrake Citadel
      • Naryu Foundry
    • The Extra Confidence buff which provides increased Attack Power and decreases damage taken will be available in the above dungeons for the duration of the event.
    • Additional Cloud Tokens can be obtained from:
      • Daily Challenge
      • Daily Dash
      • Hongmoon Store
  • The Blessing of Wisdom has returned and will be available from April 12 through May 3.  It provides the following buffs:
    • Increases Combat XP by 50%
    • Increases Daily Quest XP by 50%
    • Increases Guild Points earned by Crafting and Gathering by 100%


  • 4-member party mode and dungeons have been removed.
    • Drops from 4-member dungeons have been merged into 6-member loot tables.
    • 4-member achievements have been updated and can now be obtained in 6-member mode.
    • Some dungeon and boss mechanics have been adjusted in Normal Mode and Hard Mode.
  • The following dungeons offer 6-member Hard Mode:
    • Desolate Tomb
    • Ebondrake Citadel
    • Naryu Foundry
    • Naryu Sanctum
  • The Confidence buff is no longer available for 6-member dungeons.
  • The level cap has been increased to Level 50 Hongmoon Level 20.
  • Statistics gained from Hongmoon Levels have been removed and replaced with the Hongmoon Point system.
    • You now earn 5 Hongmoon Points for each Hongmoon Level.
    • Assign points to Offense or Defense from the Character Status window (P).
    • Additional bonus effects are applied at certain point thresholds in Offense or Defense.
  • Players can now create and join Social clans through the Clan menu (H).
    • Social Clans are a way for players to join together for adventures while enjoying some of the benefits of being in a clan without some of the pressure.
    • Social Clans can not be leveled up and are not eligible for Ranked Battlegrounds or rewards.
    • Existing clans are now known as Competitive Clans.
  • Daily Challenge has been updated:
    • Heavenly Energy is no longer available from completing the Daily Challenge
    • Daily Challenge Reward Chest has been added which grants various upgrade materials.
  • You can now add friends cross-server.
  • Your chat history is now preserved when moving to and from Cross-Server Dungeon and Arena.
  • You can now use /roll or /dice to randomly generate a number based on what you enter:
    • Using /roll [min]-[max] will randomly generate a number between [min] and [max].
    • Using /roll [number] will randomly generate a number between 1 and [number]
  • The cost for Remote Delivery and Windstriding has been removed.
  • Evolved Attack and Defense have been removed.
  • PvP Attack Power and Defense and Boss Attack Power and Defense have been added.
  • New hairstyles are now available for all races.  New ear and tail combinations have been added for Lyn.
  • New customization options for Familiars have been added at Groomer NPCs.
  • New loading screens are now available.

User Interface

  • The overall UI has received visual improvements.
  • The character select screen has been updated with new visuals.
  • Cross-Server Dungeon, Battlegrounds, and Arena are now all accessed by pressing F8.
  • Emotes are now accessed by pressing Shift+F3 (previously F12).
  • The Currency Exchange is now accessed by pressing F9 (previously Ctrl+C).
  • Quest Letters have been moved to their own tab in the Quest Journal (J).
  • Game Guide functionality has been added and can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+B. Content will be added at a later date.
  • Character inventories have been increased by 1 row (8 spaces) for no cost.


  • Upgrade costs are being changed and reduced for the following weapons:
    • Baleful/Seraph Weapon Stage 1-10
    • Ivorymoon Weapon Stage 1-10
    • Awakened Ivorymoon Weapon Stage 1-10
    • True Ivorymoon Weapon Stage 1-10
    • Galaxy Weapon Stage 1-9
  • Upgrading from True Ivorymoon Weapon - Stage 10 to Baleful or Seraph Weapon now requires a Dark Stone or Light Stone which can be purchased from Dragon Express.
  • New Legendary Weapons are now available:
    • Seraph/Baleful Weapon Stage 11-12 now available
      • Seraph/Baleful Weapon - Stage 11 can upgrade to Raven Weapon - Stage 2
      • Seraph/Baleful Weapon - Stage 12 can upgrade to Raven Weapon - Stage 3
    • Galaxy Weapon Stage 10-12 now available
    • Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon Stage 1-3 now available
      • Seraph Weapon can upgrade to Riftwalk Weapon
      • Baleful Weapon can upgrade to Dawnforged Weapon
  • The Raven effect from Raven Weapons has been increased for the following classes:
    • Lightning Blade Master
    • Wind Kung Fu Master
    • Earth Soul Fighter
    • Frost Soul Fighter
  • Divine Dragon Bracelet and Tiger Bracelet are now available and enhance specific skills for each class.
    • Combine a Draken Bracelet from Naryu Sanctum with either an Unrefined Divine Dragon Bracelet or Unrefined Tiger Bracelet from Mushin's Tower F16-20 to create the Legendary bracelet of your choice.
    • You can exchange Unrefined Divine Dragon Bracelet for Unrefined Tiger Bracelet and vice versa at Tower Trader NPC Kangcha in Mushin's Tower.
  • Mystic Badges are now available from Celestial Basin and can be purchased with Celestial Peaches and Raven Feather or Lunar Twilight Flower.
    • Premium Members can purchase Mystic Badges for a discounted price via Dragon Express.
  • Eternity and Transcendence Soul Badges are now available from Tower Trader NPC Kangcha in Mushin's Tower for Yunsang Prayer Beads and Retrived Secret Technique.
    • Premium Members can purchase Eternity and Transcendence Soul Badges for a discounted price via Dragon Express.
  • The 8-piece set bonus for Lightning Soul Shield from Skybreak Spire now also increases the damage of Honed Slash, Dragontongue, and Flicker by 8%.
  • The 3-piece set bonus for Dauntless Soul Shield from Skybreak Spire now also increases the damage of Swift Strike, Tiger Strike, Cyclone Kick, and Searing Below by 15%.
  • The 3-piece set bonus for Lifebane Soul Shield from Skybreak Spire now increases the damage of Cobalt Punch and Dragonfury by 15%
  • The 8-piece set bonus for Starblade Soul Shield from Midnight Skypetal Plains now reduces the cooldown of Five Point Strike by 30%, increases the damage of Five Point Strike by 60%, and increases the damage of Lightning Draw and Searing Slash by 50%.
  • The 8-piece set bonus for Southern Tiger Soul Shield from Midnight Skypetal Plains now also increases the damage of Comet Strike by 30%


  • Several key upgrade and crafting materials have been revamped:
    • Frozen Stinger is now Sacred Orb.
    • Honorary Ornament is now Elysian Orb.
    • Soulstone, Moonstone, Sacred Orb, and Elysian Orb now must be converted to crystals to be used for crafting, upgrading equipment, and most transmutations.
  • The cost to transmute Premium Silverfrost Transformation Stone has been reduced and the chance of a successful transmute has been increased.
  • Reduced the cost to transmute Flawless Hongmoon gems.
  • The Inferno outfit is now available through Clan Crafting.
    • Infernal Design is now available through Naryu Foundry Hard Mode.
    • The Infernal Horns adornment is now available at Achievements Merchant NPC Kiyeon in Zaiwei.
    • The Infernal Wing Cape adornment is now available from the Faction Trader NPC in Soulstone Plains.
  • The following items are now Bound to Account:
    • Locked Sacred Longgui Soul Shield - Chest 1-8
    • Battleground Soul Shield - Chest 1-8
    • Draken Ring, Draken Earring, Draken Necklace, and Draken Belt
  • White Orb is now required to activate the Dragon Stream in Heaven's Mandate as well as summon the Kaari Lord in Cold Storage.
    • Blue Orb, Green Orb, Red Orb, and Ivory Dragon Scale can now be exchanged for White Orb through the Manage Antiques window.


  • The Skill System has been overhauled and each class has received significant changes to their skills. Press K to access the Martial Tome in-game to see the new changes.
  • Skill trees and skill points have been removed from the game.
  • Skills are unlocked by reaching certain levels (Hongmoon Skills still need to be unlocked).
  • Skill specializations are created by choosing a primary element then choosing between 0-3 moves for each skill.
  • You can still save skill builds and unlock additional skill pages with Training Expansion Vouchers.
  • Assassins, Force Masters, and Summoners received additional bug fixes and updates to their skills on top of the overhaul.

Ranked Seasons

  • 1v1 Season 10 has begun and will run for 9 weeks from April 12 through June 14.
  • Beluga Lagoon Season 5 has begun and will run for 9 weeks from April 12 through June 14.
  • Mushin's Tower Season 1 has begun and will run for 9 weeks from April 12 through June 14.
  • Starting on June 14, all ranked game types will start and end on the same day and have 9 week seasons.


  • Fixed and updated localization in English, German, and French.