The next update brings a Hongmoon Training Room, Hongmoon Level 20, and skill overhaul.

Hongmoon Training Room

The new Hongmoon Training Room will allow you to hone your skills in a single-player PvE environment, focused on training you how to use your class abilities. This is especially helpful if you just boosted a level 50 character! You can jump into the Hongmoon Training Room using F12 (previously emotes, which are now Shift+F3), and once inside you’ll choose to train with either one of your class’ Elements, or you can battle it out in Dungeon mode.

Choosing either of your class’ Elements will generate a list of combos you can choose from. Each combo with be accompanied by a short description of the skills used, as well as the combo itself. After selecting a combo, a training dummy will be spawned in the room, and you must successfully complete the combo three times. Completing a section of combos (Basic, Intermediate, etc.) will earn you a reward, listed next to each section.

If you choose the Dungeon option after entering the Hongmoon Training Room, you’ll be presented with a list of all Heroic Dungeon and Raid bosses. Each boss will be accompanied by a short description (spoilers!) and a breakdown of their abilities. You can choose to either act as a tank in the fight, or have a training dummy tank if you’re practicing DPS or using a ranged class.

The Hongmoon Training Room is a helpful new addition to the game, and we hope you enjoy taking advantage of it!

Skill Overhaul

We’ve overhauled the skill system in Secrets of the Stratus, and how you earn additional skills and increase their power has changed as well. Skill trees are no more, and you no longer have skill points (Hongmoon Skills do still need to be unlocked). Instead, skills are unlocked at specific levels, and you choose between different Moves for each skill to specialize them. Skills are further specialized per class by the class’ Elements. For example, as a Blade Master you can choose between creating a Flame or Lightning build, selecting your unlocked skills, and specializing those skills by choosing their Move.

Your skill builds can still be saved to Skill Pages in the Martial Tome, and you can use new filters to display skills by their effect to help create builds more quickly. For example, you can ensure you have a skill with Daze in your build.

The overall goal of these changes is to simplify what was previously an overly complex system, while retaining the customization that makes the classes fun. It’s an easier to understand system for all players, and also helps make creating builds that are clearer and more straightforward. The filters and more direct Moves options help you spend less time fiddling in the UI, and more time playing the game.

When first logging in after Secrets of the Stratus goes live, you’ll be defaulted to one of your class Elements with preselected skills. We recommend first opening the Martial Tome to set things up to your liking.

Hongmoon Levels and Points

The maximum level cap is being increased with Secrets of the Stratus! You’ll now be able to get to character level 50, Hongmoon Level 20. With the skill system overhaul (see above) you’ll no longer receive skill points for gaining Hongmoon Levels, but you’ll still receive increased stats. You’ll now receive 5 Hongmoon Points per Hongmoon Level, which can be assigned to Offense or Defense on your Character Status (P) page. You can reassign your Hongmoon Points any time outside of combat, and you’ll receive a bonus to your stats for reaching specific point thresholds in your Offense and Defense.