New max-level instanced content arriving with the 2.4 update.

The Shattered Masts

Join Poharan in a daring attempt to rescue Admiral Hae Mujin after a demonic invasion has left the Blackram E. Fleet in ruins. In this level 50 4- and 6-member Heroic dungeon, you’ll fight across the wreckage of Blackram ships that have been infiltrated by demons and decimated by Dark Chi. Fighting against fiends, Ebondrake Phantoms, and corrupted pirates, the Shattered Masts dungeon presents a new challenging piece of end-game content, and provides an upgrade material needed for Legendary weapon stages 4–6.

Gloomdross Incursion

A fragment of Twilight's Edge has drawn a demonic horde to Gloomdross Forest. Now you must work with your former enemies, the Blackram Marauders, to retrieve the fragment before the Umbral Lord absorbs all of its power. While battling in this level 50 4- and 6-member dungeon, you’re able to recruit Blackram allies from inside the encounter to help defend powerful relic cores and keep the demons at bay. In addition to a wide range of valuable rewards, Gloomdross Incursion also drops powerful new Soul Shields.

Twisted Grimhorn Wilds

This expansive open world 24-member instance provides a wide range of dailies to complete within it. Mysterious black pillars have fallen in the Grimhorn Wilds, corrupting the local tribe and conjuring gruesome fiends.  As the demonic corruption threatens to take hold, there are numerous fights to drive it back. As you defeat demons of increasing size and ferocity, you’ll have new events to take part in; including protecting key areas, escorting vulnerable townsfolk to safety, and ultimately facing off against the powerful Archfiend Kairam. For your efforts you’ll be rewarded handsomely, including pieces of the Twisted Soul Shield set, along with those from Gloomdross Incursion and Zawei Ruins.