Discover the new third class specialization for the Assassin, new events, and the return of Hongsil’s Treasure Draw!

It’s the season of love, so we’re gifting you a new update when Blade & Soul: Shroud of the Assassin arrives on February 19! Along with the third class specialization addition to the Assassin class, love is in the air as Blade & Soulmate returns for another year of special events and awesome rewards that will send your heart aflutter.

Assassin Third Class Specialization

For Players Level 55 and higher who have completed the “Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan” Awakening quest, the third class specialization, Way of the Phantom, will now be available.  Learn to wield phantasmal energy with the new Phantom skill or surprise your opponents with an attack of Shadow Stalkers as you display your newfound expertise with the Twilight Slash ability.  Learn more with our upcoming in-depth preview coming next week!

Lyn Assassin

Out of the shadows they have come. Be among the first Lyn warriors in the Earthen Realm to proudly step forth and be known as an Assassin. 

Blade & Soulmate 2020

From February 19 to March 25, love spreads throughout the Earthen Realm as Blade & Soulmate returns for another year of sharing and caring! Participate in our annual Valentines event where you’ll have a chance to acquire new items and upgrade materials. There will also be an opportunity for all classes to exchange their existing Soul Badges for a limited time and keep an eye out for a special free gift to help out your new Assassin character. Stay tuned for more details with our upcoming events preview.

Hongsil’s Treasure Draw

Hongsil’s back with a new edition of her Treasure Draw! Using keys acquired from the Hongmoon Store, you’ll select numbers on a game board to see if you found the big prizes hidden on the board. Every number is a prize, so you’ll always win.

Log in on February 19 to experience the Assassin third class specialization along with the new Lyn Assassin, Blade & Soulmate 2020, Hongsil’s Treasure Draw, and more when Blade & Soul: Shroud of the Assassin goes live!