We catch up with Bowlcute Fan Club and Bad Intentions as we head into the Finals on March 23 & 24.

The Battle Brawl finals will see two teams from North America, and two from Europe, all competing for a $50,000 prize pool—but more importantly to see which region will be crowned the “Best in the West.” We caught up with the European teams to see how they’re feeling coming off of the Qualifiers, and what their plan is for the Finals on March 23 & 24.

Bad Intentions

Tenah, Mr B, Ryuki

How did Battle Brawl go for you guys overall? Did you like the split-day format?

[Tenah] Our performance was pretty solid besides the last match, where we made a few mistakes. As a player, the split-day format is kind of annoying since you just want to have it done as fast as possible. But from the broadcast perspective it is better to have more days for esports content.

You guys were favored to win in the EU Qualifiers, and went 4-0 on your first two matches, but it was a little scarier up against Bowlcute Fan Club. What are your thoughts on their chances going into the finals?

In the first 3v3 we made some major mistakes and learned from them during the 8-Set. If Tenah wouldn't have died to the Ultimate from Pjeb we would have closed it out earlier. But they are probably the best team next to us in EU at the moment.

Tenah, you’ve had some run-ins with Areaz in the past. Has that changed your perception of Battle Brawl or the sort of united front Europe needs to put up to try to ensure North America doesn’t take this tournament?

[Tenah] We both generally have personalities that don't work out too well together; however we had a great time [during the 2017 World Championships] in Korea and even partied together. Whenever it comes to online we sometimes have some difficulties, but once we meet each other [in person] it’s fine again. I think if we are in the same "boat" (you say it like this in Germany) like it was in Korea (the EU boat) we try to help each other, and I tried to give Areaz some Warlock tips since I have some old school experience that helped him in some match ups (especially against Destroyer).

Like Bad Intentions for EU, Guardian swept the North American Qualifiers with some pretty similar match scores. How are you guys adapting to playing them again and are there any major considerations you’re making with your new comp?

[Tenah] Well our comp has changed from super aggressive to patiently waiting for the perfect moment. We are expecting to beat Guardian since it was really close in [2017 World Championships] Korea and we had a weaker team comp [back then].

You’re coming out to California for the finals, are you guys planning to take any extra days to overcome jet lag or for vacation?

[Tenah] Mr B and me are staying for the planned time since both of us are busy with university, and are already giving up one week of school. Ryuki is possibly coming in earlier or staying longer which has to be decided.

What’s next for Bad Intentions after Battle Brawl?

[Tenah] Well as in the first interview we have to wait out the next bigger balance patch from [the development team in] Korea to decide if our comp is still viable for future events. But if nothing big changes we are looking forward to keep our Regional Champion title as "Bad Intentions". For [2017 World Championships in] Korea last year, we were just gaining experience, and it wasn’t a serious goal to win the World Championship, however this year we are seriously aiming to win the World Championship and hope we can surprise the Koreans with some EU spice.


Bowlcute Fan Club

Areaz, Zapish, Pjeb

How do you guys feel coming out of Battle Brawl? Updog put up a fight but you were able to take a very solid second place for Europe.

[Areaz] We're feeling confident, we could have taken first if not for tiny mistakes in 1v1s from both Pjeb and I. Both me and Zapish put up a pretty overall bad performance in the tag matches but Pjeb was playing really well and carrying us. I feel really bad with my performance the entire day 2 of the qualifier, I think the match against Updog shouldn’t have been as close as it was. We were actually expecting to 6-0 them with the 1v1 nominations we received, we got the perfect scenario in 1v1's, and still we lost almost every single one. But it's over now and we made it, I really hope I can redeem myself at the Battle Brawl.

Do you see Bad Intentions as adversaries? Is it more important to you that Europe wins Battle Brawl, or that Bowlcute wins?

[Areaz] We want Europe to win of course, but we also want to show up with a good performance, showing that we're the best team in EU even with an unorthodox team composition.

Areaz you’ve had some scrapes with Tenah in the past. Is that all behind you guys now or are you carrying some of that with you to keep you motivated in this tournament?

[Areaz] It's all behind us, we made up in [the 2017 World Championships in] Korea and have been friends ever since. I definitely think I'm the better Warlock player though, and I hope I can show it to everyone at Battle Brawl that I'm the best Warlock in the west.

Zapish, it’s been a little while but what were you feeling on the stage at Worlds last year when you were fighting for the ultimate Kung Fu Master title?

[Zapish] I expected myself to be more nervous because I looked up to [KFM Korean player Suhwan Kim] him since long time ago. But it was pretty much only in the end of round 2 where the nerves really kicked in. It also took me a good while after match was over to realise I had won.

Do you feel the success you had in Korea is adding more pressure for Battle Brawl or this year’s tournaments?

[Areaz] Not really, we have the same team composition but a different Blade Dancer. Overall I think we're a stronger team than we were at worlds, we've all learned a lot since then and improved. The ultimate changes has improved our team composition since then aswell making us even stronger.

Pjeb, I think this is your first time competing in a live event. What are your expectations going into it, and is there anything your teammates have tried to help you with to manage any of the pressure?

[Pjeb] I’m expecting to win, if I can manage to fix my 1v1 performance in tournaments and continue playing how I did in 3v3 then I think we have a good chance at that. I haven’t really felt any pressure as of yet.

What’s next for Bowlcute Fan Club after Battle Brawl?

[Areaz] I don't know, we'll see. I really enjoy playing with Zapish and Pjeb and I feel like we understand each other’s gameplay really well; we all have the same view of the game. We'll have to wait for the balance patch before making any decisions.


Thank you to Bad Intentions and Bowlcute Fan Club for taking time out to answer our questions! Also a special shout out to one of our casters—Barney—for assisting us with the EU interviews.

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