The Tropical Treasure Trove is full of new and wondrous rewards.

A tropical breeze is blowing its way into the Earthen Realm. As part of the Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows update on June 19, you’ll find a new Tropical Treasure Trove is open and brimming with new items!

If you’re a veteran of the Treasure Trove keeping reading to learn more about the offers and rewards. If you’re new to the Treasure Trove, click here to learn how to participate.


The Tropical Treasure Trove is packed full of handy items and new cosmetics. The cosmetics include the divine Olympian outfit set, a traditional style Kimono, and even the funky Pop Art outfit set (with an accompanying illusion weapon). The Dragon Knight outfit and illusion weapon will have you ready for any formidable foe that may appear. There’s also a weapons room full of new, menacing illusion weapons.  If you’re looking for a new pet, we’d like to introduce you to the Piglet Pet and the Owl Spirit Pet.

There will be gems galore--Triangular and Square Dyads and non-dyad versions. Lightstealer’s items will also be available for the first time, and so much more. You can even find some items related to the Fortune’s Bounty event.

Check out a list of some items below, and be sure to see the full list of available items in game when the Tropical Treasure Trove opens! 


Dragon Knight



Pop Art Outfit

Chow Pal

Plog Pal

Owl Spirit Pet

Piglet Pet

Dragonbrand Illusion Weapon

Dragon Shrine IllusionWeapon

Dragon Shroud IllusionWeapon

Sapphire Wings


Sacred Vial/Oil

Hongmoon Master Scroll

Premium Transformation Stone

Empyrean Spirit Stone

Grand Celestial Steel

Silver Scale

Evolved Stone

Pet Pod/Pack


Dyad Gilded Square Ruby-Sapphire

Dyad Gilded Square Citrine-Amethyst

Dyad Gilded Square Sapphire-Emerald

Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Diamond

Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Ruby

Hongmoon Gilded Square Citrine

Hongmoon Gilded Square Emerald

Gilded Triangular Obsidian

Dyad Gilded Triangular Obsidian-Garnet

Dyad Gilded Triangular Dueler Obsidian-Garnet

Hongmoon Gem Fragment

Grand Celestial Soul Shield Chest

Sealed Heart of the Great Thrall

Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest

Iron Conqueror Medallion

Scarlet Bloom

Treasure Trove Bundles

The Treasure Trove Key and Treasure Trove Expansion bundles are available again—buy more and you’ll save more with our bundle discounts! Premium Members are also able to pick up one free Treasure Trove Key for 0 Hongmoon Coin by visiting the Hongmoon Store each day.

Special Bundle Offer

A bundle of 3 Treasure Trove Keys for 60 NCoin will also be available on the Hongmoon Store. This bundle is available for the entire duration of the Trove, but can only be purchased once per account.

Keys and Expansion Discounts




Treasure Trove Key

49 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin


Treasure Trove Key x50

2,327 NCoin


Treasure Trove Key x100

4410 NCoin


Treasure Trove Expansion x1

199 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin


Treasure Trove Expansion x6

955 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin


Above items will be available until the July 10 maintenance.

Get ready! The Tropical Treasure Trove will be opening June 19 and these items won’t be around forever!