Relax by the water with the Tropical Treasure Trove, available from June 20 to July 11.

A tidal wave is coming ashore with a sea full of rewards! The Tropical Treasure Trove is available June 20–July 11, and inside you’ll discover a variety of new upgrade materials and new cosmetics—including an outfit from one of the most sinister people in the Earthen Realm.


Each character level 36 and above can open the Treasure Trove once per day for free during the event period. Opening the Trove will give you the opportunity to purchase any of the items you see with gold, but you can only purchase one item per Treasure Trove Key used!



Six additional Treasure Trove slots can be opened with Treasure Trove Expansions purchased from the Hongmoon Store, which will unlock these slots for the entirety of the Treasure Trove period. These additional slots increase your chances of seeing a valuable item, so it’s a good idea to unlock them early. Additional Treasure Trove Keys can also be purchased, but if you’re looking to buy several keys or expansions at once, be sure to check out the bundles below.


If opening each Trove one at a time is too slow for you, you can speed up the process by opening five at once! It works exactly like opening one Trove, just five times more fun. You’ll use five keys, and gain the respective amount of progress toward the Guaranteed Rewards.


Guaranteed Rewards

You’ll find the Guaranteed Rewards counter bar at the top of the Treasure Trove interface. Each Treasure Trove Key used will increase the bar by 1-3 points (if you unlock five Troves, it will increase by 5-15 points), provided it was purchased from the Hongmoon Store (free daily keys don’t count).  After the bar reaches its maximum of 40 points, your next purchased Treasure Trove Key used will guarantee higher-tier rewards.



The Treasure Trove Key and Treasure Trove Expansion bundles are available again. Buy more and you’ll save more with our bundle discounts!  





Treasure Trove Key

49 NCoin/HM Coin


Treasure Trove Key x50

2327 NCoin


Treasure Trove Key x100

4410 NCoin


Treasure Trove Expansion x1

199 NCoin/HM Coin


Treasure Trove Expansion x6

955 NCoin/HM Coin


Above items will be available until the July 11 maintenance.



The Tropical Treasure Trove includes everything you need for fun in the sun. With several new pets ready to join your beach party (even an old favorite) you’ll never feel lonely. Also included in the Tropical Treasure Trove are many new cosmetics for any walk of life, including new illusion weapons. If living on the dark side is your thing, the highly sought after Jinsoyun-inspired costume set is ready for you . . . if you’re brave enough to wear the clothing of the Dark Emissary herself.

Gilded Triangular Gems, Obsidians, Prisms, and loads of valuable upgrade materials are just some of what you’ll find hidden inside.


Dark Emissary Costume & Wings

Dark Emissary Illusion Weapon Chest

Mythos Costume & Helmet

Mythos Illusion Weapon Chest

Downtown Costume & Hat

Fight Night Costume & Headband

Flight Crew Costume & Cap

Courtesan Outfit Pouch (Contains Courtesan’s Hairstyle & Courtesan’s Raiments) – Female Only

Monarch Pet

Yura Pet

Jinsoyun Pet



Raven King’s Animus/Energy/Ferocity

Sacred Vial/Oil

Premium Transformation Stone

Empyrean Spirit Stone

Silver Scale

Hive Queen’s Barb/Husk/Rancor

Raven King’s Soul

Hive Queen’s Heart


Grand Celestial Wings

Aransu Reset

Profane Awakened Stone

Khanda Vihar Elemental Prisms

Sea Glass

Blood Pearl

Divine Grace Stone

Dragon Forge Fragment

Cosmic Pearl


Aransu Orb




Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Diamond & Ruby

Hongmoon Octagonal & Heptagonal Diamond, Ruby, Citrine, Sapphire, Emerald, & Amethyst Gems

Heptagonal & Hexagonal Obsidian Gems

Hongmoon Gem Fragments & Powder

Soul Shield Engravings

XP Charms

Faded Raven Earring & Ring

Ghostgrip Gloves

Deity Ring

Titan Bracelet

Bulwark Belt

Psyche Necklace


The Tropical Treasure Trove has opened, but only for a limited time!