Take up the greatsword and unleash your fury with the Warden!

With a mighty greatsword in-hand, Wardens are a force to be reckoned with, and will decimate all who stand in their way. So dedicated is this tank to protecting its allies, a Warden will spill their own blood to do so.

Don’t let the Warden’s grim technique for power fool you, they’re resilient warriors with exceptional defensive and regenerative capabilities that can also maneuver around enemies with incredible ease, making them a class perfect for holding an enemy’s attention while their allies unleash their damage.


Highlighted Skills


Blood Rage


All Wardens are equipped with a regenerating shield that protects their health until the shield has depleted.

Lightning Wardens attack to build Blood Rage. When overcome with Blood Rage they enter Frenzy Stance, foregoing defense and swinging wildly for increased damage.

Frost Wardens channel the power of the sun and moon to enhance their skills. After acquiring three Sunsparks, they’re able to enter Sentry Stance.



Frenzy Stance

When a Warden enters their menacing Frenzy Stance, they will sacrifice their health in order to unleash increased damage and their formidable power upon any who stand in their way.

Sentry Stance

When a Warden enters their enlightened Sentry Stance their movement speed and defense is increased, and several abilities become available that deliver a mighty blow, neutralizing their enemies.

Soul Flare

Soul Flare is a powerful enhancement that recovers health, increases critical damage, and awakens powerful skills for the Warden and their allies.

Available Races




Whether you’re inspired by their impenetrable defenses or wild frenzies, this is your chance to unleash your fury and become the Warden in Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury—arriving September 12!