Holiday cheer has arrived in the Earthen Realm!

The ground in the Earthen Realm is dusted with freshly fallen snow, the cities and towns are decorated with cheer, and more festive clothing, events, and rewards have arrived!

Frozen Firing Range

December 7–January 18 (Level 16 and above)

Nothing says winter like heading to the shooting range! Step into this daily-reset dungeon and work with your group to shoot and destroy the Frost Banshees as they attempt to escape—earning bonus rewards for your efficiency. After spending his time watching the events, a giant Frost Yeti will jump into the fray, and once defeated you can grab your rewards—including the Snowflake Crystal event currency.

Spend your Snowflake Crystals in the Dragon Express for items like Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot (able to be transmuted to Brilliant Heptagonal with Snowflake Crystals), Flower of Lament, Naryu Tablet, and unique costumes.

Silent Night & Hat Adornment Glowing Reindeer Headband & Glowing Red Nose

This dungeon is available to be run once each day, or additional reset tokens can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store for NCoin or Hongmoon Coin.  Snowflake Crystals are also available from the Daily Challenge and Daily Dash.


Holiday Gift Bundle 

December 7–31

It’s the season to give, and we have a special present that you can send to your closest friends and clanmates. The Holiday Gift Bundle can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store, and it can only be sent to other players—this isn’t a present you get for yourself. This is your chance to send an in-game gift, and maybe get one in return, too.

If you do send a Holiday Gift Bundle to another player, you’ll receive the Deck the Halls achievement, and a Gift Master title to go along with it!

Each Holiday Gift Bundle contains:

  • Risky Business costume
  • 1x Heroic Friendship Charm
  • 5x Dragon Trade Pouch
  • 2x Naryu Tablet
Risky Business

Please ensure that you’re sending the Holiday Gift Bundle to the correct person when purchasing, and be cautious when agreeing to any trades of bundles with someone you don’t know. We’re unable to provide support for verbal agreements.


Merchant of Wonders

December 7–January 18

The Merchant of Wonders is back! And this time he’s dressed for the festivities. Per usual, this somewhat slippery soul has a chance to appear at the end of a dungeon when defeating its final boss. Here’s the list of dungeons where you’ll want to keep your peepers peeled:

Awakened Necropolis

Cold Storage

Desolate Tomb

Ebondrake Citadel

Gloomdross Incursion

Heaven's Mandate

Naryu Foundry

Sogun's Lament

The Shattered Masts

When he appears you’ll want to be prepared to snatch up some of his exceptional holiday deals. For a deep discount, you can pick items like:

  • Honorary Ornament
  • Radiant Energy
  • Legendary Gem Hammer
  • Sacred Oil
  • Sealed Taikhan’s Skin
  • Galaxy Fragment
  • Holiday Costumes (sample):
Holly Jolly & Hood Silent Night & Hat Frosty Snowcat & Hat & Adornment


Hongmoon Store Holiday Costumes

December 7 & December 14

In addition to the event-related costumes above, we’ll have a generous selection of holiday-themed costumes to purchase directly from the Hongmoon Store. The following items are available today, with another group of items becoming available next week.

Joyous Tidings & Hat Adornment Festive Tidings & Merry Cap Adornment
Holiday Soiree Reindeer Kitty & Headgear


12 Days of Wonder

December 13–30

The 12 Days of Wonder event offers an in-game advent calendar on the Hongmoon Store! Beginning December 13, a new bundle will be available for purchase each day, and remain on the store until December 30. Each bundle has a different item, and a different amount of Snowflake Crystals in it—and you won’t know what it is until it goes on sale. There are some surprises in store, so you’ll definitely want to check it each day!

Stay tuned for a dedicated 12 Days of Wonder overview.