Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows introduces a new class that will make your enemies quiver with fear.

Ascending from a long line of warriors, the Zen Archer is a bow-wielding, long-ranged DPS class unique to the Yun and Jin races. The Zen Archer seeks balance and control as they own the battlefield with confidence. 


The Zen Archer is a DPS-focused class but incredibly agile. Since the Zen Archer is largely stationary while shooting, to be the most effective in ranged combat you’ll need to utilize various abilities to stay on top of the fight and always be in the best position. Playing a Zen Archer requires precision, as many of the attacks won’t automatically hit the target; guide your crosshair with steady aim to ensure a successful hit on your target.



The Lightbringer Specialization is a good choice for PvE. This Specialization offers a varied amount of damage while providing the tools to move around and stay safe. Lightbringer utilizes light to deal damage from a safe distance. Agility is this Specialization’s key to success by lowering the cooldowns on your movement abilities, and by dealing damage.





Deals AOE damage, resists status effects, and regenerates HP.

Deals AOE damage in waves and reveals targets hidden by Stealth that are hit by the ability.












The Windpiercer Specialization is most helpful in PvP situations. Compared to the Lightbringer Specialization, Windpiercer has fewer attacks but focuses on quick damage and stealth. Since this is tailored more for PvP, you’ll find the abilities are suited for mobility and offer quick attacks, allowing you to stay agile and providing a healthy amount of ways to lock down your opponent and turn the tide of battle. The ability to Stealth and to see those hidden in Stealth also gives an interesting advantage to the Zen Archer.


Twin Storms

Storm Bolt

Deals damage to a target and creates two circles on the ground. When inside the circles, some abilities are enhanced.

Can be charged to multiple levels for massive damage. Is enhanced to instantly deal maximum damage with Twin Storms.


Seek true balance and create your Zen Archer on September 18, when Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows goes live. Don’t forget to register for your FREE Zen Archer Bullseye Pack here before 12:00 p.m. PDT on September 13.