Embrace the dark spirits with the Warlock 3rd specialization—Way of the Reaver.

While we have known many great foes that have been consumed by the dark arts, Warlocks have always been able to toe the line between good and evil. Now with the new specialization even more demonic abilities can be conjured!

Warlock 3rd Specialization

Reap the souls of your enemy with this new specialization and embrace the spirits that feed into your power.

The Warlock welcomes its 3rd specialization, Way of the Reaver, on July 14. Become the angel of darkness when you switch to Reaver stance and wield a great scythe to dish out spiritual attacks.

When Dokkaebi Attack

Kaebi Village has had a symbiotic partnership with their Dokkaebi neighbors. Their neighbors aren’t quite what we consider normal, but the arrangement nonetheless has worked out well for both parties. However, trouble has brewed and Kaebi Village’s relationship with its fellow Dokkaebi are crumbling.

The people of Kaebi Village must have been living in a bubble if they’ve never heard of the Hongmoon Hero, but nevertheless, if people or a village needs a saving—there’s nobody better to call upon.

Hongsil’s Treasure Draw

Hongsil’s Treasure Draw is back with no Hongmoon Store purchase necessary! This time play the board with event currency earned from helping the villagers of Kaebi Village. Win Enchanted Chests that come in a variety of tiers and items, including Enchanted Essences that can be spent in the Dragon Express!

Daily Dash Returns

The Daily Perks just wasn’t cutting it so Daily Dash is making its way back. We’ll also be taking the opportunity to refresh some of the rewards such as adding Scale Fragment Chests, Sacred Vials, and more.


Want a preview of what’s ahead? Join Linda and Brett for the Update Preview Livestream Thursday, July 8 at 11 a.m. PDT (8 p.m. CEST) on Twitch.com/bladeandsoul. Blade & Soul: Endless Night arrives July 14!