Face off against the Blade Mentor in the Spectral Shrine solo dungeon

*Due to severe weather conditions in Texas, the Eternal Blade update has been rescheduled to February 24. All dates have been adjusted to reflect it.

Spectral Shrine

  • Solo dungeon
  • Available in Easy (Duo), Normal (Solo) and Hard (Solo) Mode
  • Recommended for Level 60 – HM24

Ajanara Monastery monks recently discovered a mysterious sword thrust into a stone in a cavern near the monastery. It is believed that the sword belonged to a legendary Blade Master, a protector of the once grand Naryu Empire. Learn more about the Blade Master and the sword she possessed, or is it the sword that possessed her?

Clearing Spectral Shrine has the chance to reward Mentor’s Emblems, Spectral Emblems, the Spectral Blade outfit, and evolvable accessories for the next tier of Belt and Earring.

Unity System Update

The top Unity Rank will be expanded from 180 to 210. Rank up with Reputation gained from quest rewards and Daily and Weekly Challenge Rewards to further increase your attributes.  

Along with the Unity Rank increase, the Unity Store makes its debut. Unity Tokens can be earned from completing Daily Challenges and can be exchanged in the Unity Store for Brilliant Ascension/Radiance Stone Chests, Hongmoon Etching Stones, heroic Psyches, and more.

Blade & Soulmate Events

Chocolate Hearts are magically appearing throughout the Earthen Realm. Collect these Chocolate Hearts from Login Rewards, completing heroic dungeon Daily Quests, 3 Daily Challenges, and a visit to Hongsil’s Secret Storehouse where Mister Clankyshanks is having another bad day, week, month, year.

As you clear Mister Clankyshanks’s army of Training Dummies, they have a chance to drop additional Chocolate Hearts along with other sweet rewards such as Elder Scale Fragments and Nocturnal Scale Fragments.

Chocolate Hearts can be spent in the Dragon Express for the all-new Vogue costume along with other past Blade & Soulmate favorites, as well as the usual upgrade materials.


Blade & Soul: Eternal Blade arrives February 24. Stay tuned for more information!