Blade & Soul: Eternal Night arrives on May 9, bringing an exciting new 6-player Heroic Dungeon.

Sandstorm Temple

  • 6-player Heroic Dungeon
  • Available in Normal and Hard Mode
  • Recommended for Level 55 – HM 16
  • Players will need to have finished Act 8 Chapter 20: Restorations

For years, the monks of Ajanara Monastery have kept their most shameful secret hidden within the harsh Zasteri Badlands. Any and all references to "Brother Rukesh", their greatest shame, were eliminated from the Ajanara records. Brother Rukesh, a monk with endless potential who, in his quest for knowledge, transcended the limits of this realm by inviting in an abominable force of evil, and brought a curse upon himself and his followers in the process.

Since that time Rukesh and his followers have inhabited Sandstorm Temple—a prison of the Cursed Monk’s own making, and for years, kept secret by the Ajanara Brotherhood...until now.

The protective seal that has kept Rukesh and his followers contained, is failing. You must act quickly and answer Brother Hunmyung and Brother Songdan’s call to help the Ajanara Monks and prevent the mad Rukesh and his fanatical followers from escaping their prison.

Groups who defeat the darkness imprisoned within Sandstorm Temple will be handsomely rewarded–here’s what could be yours:

  • Awakened Rukesh Earring
  • Rukesh Soul Shield
  • Rukesh Weapon
  • Hellion Bracelet (can be upgraded in a later update)
  • Silver Scale Fragment/Silver  Scale
  • Sea Glass
  • Blood Pearl
  • Aurora Costume

Aurora Costume

Assist the Ajanara Monks and fight against the otherworldly evil that threatens the Earthen Realm by sending Cursed Monk Rukesh and his followers back into the darkness on May 9 when Blade & Soul: Eternal Night arrives!