Train under the Warlock third specialization—Way of the Reaver!

Reap what you sow. As a Warlock trained under the Way of the Reaver, put on the mask of Death to slay your foes with a giant scythe!

Way of the Reaver

A shadowed demoniac who bends the rules of life and death.

Way of the Reaver adds the new Reaver Stance into the repertoire of Warlocks – unlocking the power to transform into the grim reaper. But harnessing the power of death does not come without its sacrifices - the Thrall is no longer summonable for warlocks, but it’s a small price to pay for the ability to reap the souls of your enemies, increase your mobility, and buff your party.

Reaver Stance is core to the specialization and is not complicated to maintain. Switch to Reaver Stance with Reaver (Tab) and unlock stance-specific skills such as Felling Strike (X) and Undercut (V). In Reaver Stance, using certain skills like Scythe Rush (2) and Undercut (V) will consume the time you have in the stance, whereas other skills like Reap (C) and Soul Reaver (4) will add to it. A happy Reaver is a powerful one!

Way of the Reaver brings new mobility skills to your warlock, including Dark Sky (2), Sky Reave (2), Night Terror (RMB), and Soul Sever (LMB) to launch your foe into the air or dance around them as you move behind or onto them.

Every class has their benefits in a party, but with Way of the Reaver, Warlocks can now use Soul Rift (Tab) for the Soul Burn buff, but also —Warding Strike (C) to generate a temporary party shield and Soul Gate (Tab), which grants Soul Flare to all party members within range.  

Accessories and Badges

Certain Legendary Raid accessories  can be evolved to the third specialization through the Equipment Management system by using a Reaver Emblem. Purchase Reaver Emblems from the Dragon Express for 1 Gold.


To change specializations for the Stage 10/Awakened Bracelets, you’ll need the appropriate Unrefined Bracelet and other materials.

Stage 10/Awakened

Current Bracelet

Target Bracelet

Unrefined Bracelet Offering

Other Materials

Wild Rage/Storm Rage

Thunder Rage Bracelet

Unrefined Thunder Rage Bracelet

x3 Nocturnal Scales

70 Gold

Storm Spirit/Wild Spirit

Thunder Spirit Bracelet

Unrefined Thunder Spirit Bracelet

x3 Shimmering Scales

100 Gold

Legendary Mystic Badges and Soul Badges can be swapped through the Equipment Management system by using the appropriate Mystic/Soul Badge Essence. You can find the Essence you need in the Warrior's Mystic/Soul Badge Essence Chest or Master's Mystic/Soul Badge Essence Chest that can be purchased from the Dragon Express for 1 Gold. To change between Meridian, Precipice, and Zenith Mystic/Soul Badges, purchase the corresponding Meridian, Precipice, and Zenith Emblem for 10 Gold and 1 Naryu Silver. Once you select your Essence, you can use it to evolve your Soul Badge or Mystic for a cost of 10 Gold. You can swap back and forth as many times as you choose.


Give Way of the Reaver a try and explore the new skills combinations under the influence of the grim reaper. This new Warlock specialization is part of the Endless Night update and it launches on July 14.