The summer heats up with the Thornwind Cavern Dungeon Challenge and the all-new Moonlit Soul event!

Thornwind Cavern Dungeon Challenge

Create your Dungeon Challenge party and rank up in the first season of the Thornwind Cavern Dungeon Challenge. Each week earn XP Charms and Thornwind Challenge Tokens based on your overall Dungeon Challenge Ranking. Exchange Thornwind Challenge Tokens at Mushin’s Tower Trader Kangcha for Grand Uzume’s Psyche, Custom Beastmaster outfit, and past Dungeon Challenge rewards.

Summer Events

Long summer days bring warm summer nights. The Fortune Cat of Zaiwei, Nyero, looks to bestow lucky adventurers with a Moonlit Soul that can be powered by moonlight and grant a wealth of items. Collect Crescent Emblems when you complete Daily Quests, Daily Challenges, and Weekly Challenges and power up your Moonlit Soul!

The Winds of Summer update blows in on June 16—more information to come!