Soul Boost Season 1 started on January 19 and has provided players with tons of materials and high-tier equipment. It was a 6-month long event that provided additional rewards by completing various quests. If you’re returning after a while or new to the game, check the original announcement at the beginning of the year.

Season 1 has now concluded, and we’re rolling into Season 2. Let’s take a quick look at the changes that are now live in the game with the release of Infinite Inferno.

Wrapping Up Season 1

Before we jump into the details of Season 2, let us mention that you’ll be able to obtain all unclaimed rewards from Season 1 until August 10. An “Unclaimed Rewards” tab will appear in the Soul Boost window, and you can claim all this sweet loot at each level or altogether.

Participating in Season 2

Soul Boost Season 2 works like Season 1. You’ll see the Soul Boost icon in the Quest Log [.] under your Mini Map. Click the icon and then the “Boost Character” button to participate! Any character can participate, whatever their level is, and even if they didn’t participate in Season 1. Enrolling a character in Soul Boost cannot be changed, and you can only register fourteen characters at maximum. Deleting a character enrolled in Soul Boost will still make it count towards that limit.

Once enrolled, you will unlock the first of four stages. Each stage gives you access to a set of quests visible on the left part of the Soul Boost window. Completing these quests rewards you with points that increase your Soul Boost level, displayed at the top of the Soul Boost window. Completing a certain number of quests at some levels will unlock new quests at the next level. For example, completing six Stage 1 quests unlocks more quests in the list of 35 Stage 2 quests you initially see.

Each Soul Boost level grants you a set of rewards, visible on the right side of the Soul Boost window. There are 48 levels to complete before this event ends on January 11, 2023!

Season 2 Quests and Rewards

The most significant change we introduced with Season 2 of Soul Boost is a rebalancing of the overall difficulty. We’ve changed the distribution of rewards to make Soul Boost more accessible to all players.

With the Infinite Inferno release, we’ve added four daily challenges, bringing the total from 9 to 13. These four new quests will rotate among the following content: Sanctum of the Masters, Primeweald, Celestial Basin, Ebondrake Lair, Starstone Mines, Ransacked Treasury, Forest of Echoes, Substratum, and the Aerodrome. This change will add variety to your daily activities and contribute to your Soul Boost quests.

The quests were also changed to match the new release of content since Soul Boost Season 1 started. Here are the changes:


New Content for Soul Boost Season 2 Quests

Demonsbane Dungeon

Altar of the Infinite

Heroic Dungeons

Aerodrome, Substratum, Chaos Supply Chain

Solo Dungeon

Sanctum of the Masters, Circle of Sundering, Den of the Ancients, Spectral Shrine


Celestial Basin

We’ve also updated the rewards to match the current new tiers of items:


Updated Soul Boost Reward

Item Progression Facilitated by the Updated Soul Boost Rewards



Snowspire Weapon Evolution Stone


Awakened Uzume Ring Chest



Awakened Uzume Earring Chest



Awakened Aggressor Necklace - Stage 1



Awakened Wild Spirit/Storm Spirit/Thunder Spirit Bracelet – Stage 1



Awakened Safeguard Belt – Stage 1



Awakened Dawnbright Gloves – Stage 1




Thundersurge Soul Evolution Stone

Pet Aura

Omega Pet Aura Evolution Stone


Pet Gem

Immutable Octagonal Pet Gems


Soul Badge

Paragon/Wingrise/Exhilaration Soul Badge Chest



Grand Uzume’s/Grand Kumi’s/Grand Spectral/Storm Psyches



Gilded Triangular to Pentagonal Gems


Shadow Fury Equipment Support

Legendary Dungeon Coin



Shimmering Scale tier


Radiance Stone

Legendary Radiance Stones


Evolution Materials

Moonstone/Elysian/Soulstone/Sacred Crystals


Soul Boost Season 2 will continue to reward your characters with a large variety of items. Whether your characters reached level 60 or not, you will find something to help their progressions with items such as the following:

Dragon Trade Pouch

Legendary Gem Hammer

Offal of Luminance/Silence/Darkness

Hongmoon Quick XP Charms (Regular, Radiant, Superior)

Pet Gems

Elder Scales

Premium Transformation Stone Crystals and Transformation Stone Crystals

Moonstone/Elysian/Soulstone/Sacred Crystals

Sacred Vials

Pet Pack

Legendary Dungeon Coin


We hope you enjoy Season 2 of Soul Boost a lot and that it prompts you to create new characters to explore these benefits if you don’t already have a collection of Blade & Soul characters. 😊