You’ve been fighting evils in the Earthen Realm for many cycles now, and all the people you’ve saved are thankful for your quest success. But maybe keeping up with these adventures and saving the day every day is not always possible, as the IRL Realm keeps you busy. (We promise we won’t judge.)

On August 10 when Dawn of Darkness releases, we’re changing how Daily Challenges work. Read on for a preview!

Overview of the Changes

When you log in to Blade & Soul, a range of challenges are offered, and you can accept to complete a few or all of them during the day. Once you complete three, four, or five Daily Challenges, you receive additional rewards. In addition, the Daily Challenge window will also offer Weekly Challenges — which will not be changed. If you’re new or returning to Blade & Soul, click on the shortcut displayed under the mini map to access the Daily Challenge window.

The new Daily Challenges system adds rest rewards when you don’t claim rewards for a day, including when you don’t log in to the game. When the system resets the Daily Challenges every day, it will now check if you haven’t received Daily Challenge rewards for the day. If that’s the case, all the rewards for that day will be added to the rest rewards. This accumulation continues for up to two days when the system stops adding rest rewards.

Challenge your Dailies

In practice, you’ll see the changes to Daily Challenges in four different places in the game’s interface.

First, a Rest Status indicator is placed in the top-left of the Daily Challenge window to notify you that some rest rewards are available. These rest rewards will be listed in the middle of the Daily Challenge window, right under the regular Daily Challenge rewards. This is the total amount of items accumulated since you last claimed Daily Challenge rewards. Last, the completion bar contains a small icon reminding you that the next rewards you will obtain include rest rewards.

When rest rewards are available, you will also see a notification via a different icon next to the Daily Challenge text under the mini map. Once you’ve completed three, four, or five Daily Challenges, you’ll be able to claim the regular and rest rewards if there’s enough space in your inventory.

That being said…

While we want you to feel free to relax, we also want to bring some hot Daily Login Rewards when Dawn of Darkness launches. For example, we will offer a Scale Fragment Support Chest after 2h30 of gameplay.

After August 10, you will decide how intense you want each day’s Blade & Soul activities to be! We’ll be listening to your feedback on these changes on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or the forums.