Following last month’s Overture, we’re excited to announce that Symphony of Destruction will be released in Blade & Soul on October 12! We wanted to give you the scoop earlier than usual because that’s how excited we are. 😃

But let’s start with the cherry on top of the cake: we’re bringing back the Blade & Soul livestream to give you an early look at the content! Tune in on October 4 at 10:00 a.m. PDT / 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CEST for the preview on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook.

Drum roll 🥁 Let’s dive into the update details!

The 15th Blade & Soul Class: the Musician!

“Musicians use the power of music to face any challenge with balance and poise.”

Blade & Soul is getting a brand-new class this fall, and fear not: it does not require any knowledge of music theory. The Musician brings an unmistakable fight style to the game. Reserved to female characters of Jin, Yun, and Lyn races, they wield a Harp that’s as deadly as it is charming. High in tempo, the Musician strings its attacks together to deal damage using notes and melodies or switch to offer the most symphonic team support in fierce battles.

We’ll share more details about the class on social media, so make sure to check daily!

Mount System!

Your adventures in the Earthen Realm are going to take a new turn. We’re introducing a mount system to Blade & Soul! Mounts will allow you to traverse areas at greater speed and enjoy the ride with another trusty companion. We’ll have more details in another news post, but know that one of the first mounts has a unique appearance! ☁

Dungeon: Grim Nexus

The chaos energy continues to cause trouble in the Earthen Realm. You’ll be helping the next victim by investigating what the Grimhorn tribes are up to. It will lead you to the most unexpected location: their village inside a giant tree! Discover the source of this mysterious gathering and defeat the guardians in the next 4-player Demonsbane dungeon, Grim Nexus!

Treasure Trove

The fan-favorite event is back! We’ve made more tweaks to this Trove based on the community feedback. Check out the new and improved items, score 3-star crits, and reach higher reward milestones.

Systems Update

On top of all the previous content, we’re adding some skill updates, a new tier for the Ring, Earring, and Talisman, and a host of smaller improvements to various parts of the game.

Phew! As you can see, Symphony of Destruction is packed to the brim with exciting content, and it’s releasing on October 12! Check updates as we announce them on the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages!