With Dark Awakening on December 7, you’ll be able to participate in a new season of the Battle Pass until January 11, 2023.

If you’re new to this system, Battle Pass - Season 6 is an event in which characters at Level 60, Hongmoon Level 1 or above complete various challenges. These quests give you points that increase your Battle Pass level. There are two stages of quests and 20 Battle Pass levels available.

How to use the Battle Pass

Battle Pass is accessed by clicking on the button located under the mini map. This window will show your Battle Pass level and points at the top, the list of rewards on the left, and the quests on the right. Check what challenges to complete at your stage to start collecting points! Challenges in Season 6 include gaining Darkweald Ores and completing Daily Challenges.

You can increase the Battle Pass rewards by purchasing a Battle Plaque in the Hongmoon Store ([F10] shortcut). Activate your Battle Plaque in the Battle Pass window and collect additional rewards for the levels you’ve already completed. You’ll also find in the Hongmoon Store Battle Potions that grant Battle Pass points to level up faster. NOTE Battle Potions can only be used during the Battle Pass Season you bought them!

The following Battle Pass items will be in the Hongmoon Store until January 11. 2023:

Item Name

Cost (NCoin)


Battle Plaque



Battle Potion



Battle Potion (x10)



Battle Potion (x150)


1 per account

Battle Pass Rewards

Each time you gain a Battle Pass - Season 6 level, you will receive a set of rewards that can be claimed in the Battle Pass window. You can claim multiple rewards simultaneously via the “Collect All” button. Progress on the Battle Pass is tracked for each character so that you can complete multiple Battle Passes on your account.

For Season 6, we added the [Darkweald] Hourglass to allow you to extend the duration of your run in the auto-hunt zone. And for the first time in a Battle Pass, we’re adding a costume! The Drakeborn Illusion Weapon Chest will be yours if you reach Level 20! You’ll also find the following items, among others:

Soulstone, Moonstone, Sacred Orb, Elysian Orb

Insignia Chests: Sparkling, Poharan, Hall of Trials, Namdo Shrine, Aransu

Radiant Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

Shadowed/Radiant Starcross Stone Fragments

[Darkweald] Hourglass

Radiant Hongmoon Quick XP Charm

Premier Reputation Charm

Drakeborn Illusion Weapon Chest


Check out the Battle Pass - Season 6 when Dark Awakening goes live on December 7!